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Neurological Condition

We provide highly specialized physical therapy programs to treat neurological and balance condition such as: Stroke Multiple Sclerosis Parkinson’s Disease: We are certified in LSVT treatment – Lee Silverman Voice Treatment, an innovative and clinically proven method for improving voice and speech in individual with Parkinson’s Disease. Our therapists are experts in Parkinson’s Disease symptom management-helping maximize mobility, independence, and protection from further impairment. We offer a comprehensive treatment and assessment for balance, strength, flexibility, endurance, and muscle tone.

Working closely with your physician we develop a treatment program customized for your needs, including:

  • Optimal safety with walking and transfers.
  • Improved balance to prevent falls.
  • Increased ease of movements.
  • Methods to minimize “freezing” or difficulty initiating movement.
  • Increased independence.
  • Postural training.
  • Optimal strength and flexibility.
  • Improved walking distances and activity tolerance.
  • Assistive device selection for eating, dressing, bathing.
  • Assess home safety.
  • Balance and Fall Prevention.

Increase your independence, confidence and safety with Spine and Sports Rehab’s Balance and Fall Prevention Program. Our expert physical therapists help optimize your balance and overcome your fear of falling and avoidance of activities. Our highly trained balance specialists provide expert care to address:

  • Unsteadiness when standing or walking.
  • Ascending/descending curbs or stairs.
  • Difficulty getting up from low surfaces – chairs, toilets, couches, etc. Anxiety or fear of falling.
  • Difficulty picking up objects from the floor or from a high shelf.
  • Vertigo/dizziness.
  • Vestibular disorders.

Our specialized Balance and Fall Prevention Program includes:

  • Comprehensive evaluation to reveal and address factors contributing to your balance deficits.
  • Balance reaction training and timing improvement.
  • Functional training focused on community concerns such as walking on hills, curbs, and more.
  • Tailored exercise training – strength, flexibility, and balance. Assistive device assessments – canes, walkers, rollators, etc.
  • Home safety evaluations.
  • Shoe and orthotic assessments.

Stroke and Brain Injury With extensive education and years of specialized experience, Spine and Sport’s Rehab therapists are trained in movement recovery treatment for stroke and brain injury survivors.

  • Re-learn optimal movement and minimize compensations.
  • Minimize tone and spasticity.
  • Re-establish midline and equal use of both sides of the body.
  • Increase strength, flexibility and endurance.
  • Optimize the timing of balance reactions.

Our Goal:

  • Increase independence with mobility (bed mobility, transfers, walking, running).
  • Walk at a faster pace and longer distances.
  • Increase the use of an involved limb. Increase ease of movement.
  • Dress independently.
  • Assess home safety.
  • Decrease fall risk.

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