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Functional Capacity Evaluation

Matheson System

The Matheson System is the most versatile and comprehensive Functional Capacity Evaluation system available for “safely” determining the functional abilities of people. It is based upon the principle of training “THINKING EVALUATORS”. The success of The Matheson System is in the training and certification of evaluators. Matheson trained evaluators are encouraged to “think outside the box” by choosing the best equipment and research available to answer the complex questions that allows for case resolution.

The evaluators participate in a comprehensive and intense 5 day class that includes practicum. Evaluators are provided with updates in the current research to ensure the most up to date test procedure. Our approach to testing has two primary focuses:

  • Answering case resolution relevant questions.
  • Adhering to the Practice Hierarchy of
    1. Safety – Testing is always guided by evaluee safety.
    2. Reliability – Test equipment and procedures are chosen based upon research to support its use.
    3. Validity – Is the test a true indicator of current abilities.
    4. Practicality – Are the procedures relevant to the question.
    5. Utility – Is the test procedure providing useful information This approach treats both the payer and injured person fairly by providing an objective test while keeping the injured worker safe from re-injury during the evaluation.The Matheson System was developed based upon the research of Leonard Matheson, PhD a leader in the field of Industrial Rehabilitation. It is also based upon the strict adherence to the most widely accepted standards of physical performance (U.S. Department of Labor, NIOSH, ANSI, MTM). It provides objective and defensible reports. (www.roymatheson.com)

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