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Success Stories

“I only wish I had known about Spine and Sports Rehab before I spent time and money in other places. My experience here is like going to a private, luxurious hotel or country club. Each person gives so much personal attention to me and I feel so pampered. Most of all, I feel great and recommend this facility to my doctors.”

Deanna Rushing

“I have had a stroke for the second time. My doctor sent me here for therapy. I have enjoyed myself very much. Everyone here is real nice and helpful. I have relearned to walk much better than I could at first. I was weak, and turned blind some of the time. I have really come a long way since I have been receiving my treatment at Ortho Spine Care to Spine and Sports Rehab. Thank you.”

“I love all of the attention I received while at Spine and Sports Rehab. They are very helpful and serious about my problem, always friendly and attentive to all my needs.”

“When I first came to your rehab center, my back caused me so much that after taking a shower I had to sit down and rest my back before I could even shave. I could not go on any trips where I had to do any walking, I could not even walk one-half block before rehab.

The first week of rehab I thought, ‘I can’t do this!’ However, I decided to stick it out for one more week and I am so glad I did. By the second week, I had already noticed a great improvement. Every week I improved!

Words cannot express the change in me or my lifestyle. I can walk without pain, my wife and I have bought that we are riding bicycles and we are going on trips. She cannot believe the difference in me. She says that I am like a changed man.

Guys, again you have changed my life! You have eliminated my pain and gave me another chance to enjoy my retirement years. My wife wants to send you her ‘Thanks’.”

“I’m so glad my doctor sent me to Spine and Sports Rehab for therapy. I went there in pain and was met with kindness, patience and real professionalism. I was in good hands. Three weeks later, I left with no pain thinking how much I would miss all those wonderful people. Yet only a while later, they helped me sign up for their wellness and fitness program and I look forward to it each week. Their facility is great with lots of good, clean equipment and ready help if needed.

I must say I’m feeling stronger each day and life seems more fun and oh, yes, I still get to see the same friendly faces from my therapy days, and I’m grateful to each and everyone of them.”

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