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Louela Sebag, PT

Louela has been providing excellent, compassionate, attentive care to patients, including senior adults, young athletes, moms, dads, working adults, individuals residing in nursing homes & assisted living facilities and outpatient clinics in Arkansas since 1995.

Louela has pursued advanced training and is certified with LSVT (Loud Therapy) to better help those suffering from neurological disorders such as Parkinson disease. She regularly treats patients with spine and musculoskeletal pain with myofascial release and helps post-surgical patients regain their strength and range of motion.

Regardless of the individual she treats, Louela draws not only health issues from all patients, but also their life stories, their struggles, their joy; and makes them laugh with stories of her own. She believes these interactions help ensure patients receive the best care possible to address their individual needs.


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